4 Ways To Know You Are Ready For A Relationship

People say that relationships are for matured minds. This is for the reason that you date, with the aim and purpose of settling down. Relationships come with lots of challenges, and if you are not prepared or ready for it, you will be forced to find the easy way out. 

The important thing, however, is to know when you are ready for a relationship, and not just related to age. Here are 3 ways to know that you are ready for a relationship.


When we were growing up, we all had some sort of bucket list or checklist on the things and qualities we wanted in our partners. This was a sign that we were immature, and we were not really ready for a relationship. 

Whether you are 16 or 30,a ridiculous checklist shows you are not yet ready. When you are emotionally mature to get into a relationship, you will realize that it is not possible to find someone who will possess all those qualities you wanted. Once you get to this point, looks and material possessions do not count as much as your happiness and comfort, and that is when you are ready. read page 2 for more

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