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5 Ways To Know “it’s Time To Stop In Any Settings Of Life You Find Yourself”?

Many of us have overseen fighting lost battles- had we known, we could have saved our energy for other important things, we found it hard to detach ourselves from all vain attachments then, and it is even sad knowing now that others are walking on this path as well.

We had thought we will be able to keep that friendship breathing, not knowing the friendship has long deserted us, what about the love relationship?- despite the warning signs that are bold enough to observe, we noticed our once active partner is now a shadow partner - We could no longer feel their presence and impacts on a positive note. 

Our belief was “with time, they (our partner) will be active again”. Forgetting that the gate of change can only be unlocked within from the person we expect the change. Loneliness should melt at the presence of friendship or love relationship, but yet, we feel lonely, even emotionally.

You could feel that place is no longer suitable for you- you know it is killing you. But you are still staying for the sake of a paycheck.

We are not JAMES BOND on a rescue mission for God’s sake, it ends up that we are sacrificing our joy, strength, goodness to what is not real. Is it not the time to move on? Maybe letting go does not mean we are weak, it sure comes with a reward of fulfillment that comes with joy that cannot be told.

Here are few circumstances to know that IT IS TIME TO STOP in any setting of life you find yourself 
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