51 Common Signs of a Cheater

Being romantically involved with a cheating partner is not someone we should hope for or wish upon someone. It is a very toxic relationship that will only end up in one or more person getting hurt, and the cheater moving on like nothing has happened. 

This does not mean you have to stay away from the opposite sex to avoid being hurt or heartbroken, the major fact is to be extremely cautious and protect yourself before something like that happens. Here are signs that your partner is cheating on you with someone else. 

Take note however, that some of these signs may be subtle and almost impossible to pick up, whereas, others can be as obvious as possible.
#1. They are extremely protective of their phones because it hold all the evidence you need.

#2. They loose intimacy with you in the relationship

#3. They start acting too loving and caring, in a bid to cover their tracks and make you less suspicious.

#4. You do not understand their schedules and activities anymore.

#5. They get quite nervous or scared when they are with you.

#6. They loose interest in things they used to find interesting

#7. They change style of clothing

#8. They easily get upset with you for no substantial reason

#9. They begin to spend a lot of time than before on their looks. READ PAGE 2 FOR MORE


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