7 Important Grounding Tips For Empaths and Highly Sensitive People

When you are an empathy that picks up every emotion you come across, or you are a highly sensitive person who reacts to everything happening around you, there are certain precautions you need to take to protect your energy and keep yourself in check. Picking up every emotion whether good or bad is not good for you, and will eventually rob you of your own happiness later on. Below are 6 important tips for maintaining and protecting your energy as an empathy and as a highly sensitive person.


When I say shield, I do not necessarily mean an iron or metal shield that you can hold onto. What I mean is a protective shield where no negative energy can penetrate and harm you. You can do this by simply imagining it. By so doing, you picture a shield or cloak protecting you or covering you from negative or bad energies and preventing them from getting in. you can also use protective items like crystals. They deflect negative energies and keep you in the safe zone.


The negative energies get into our lives and affect us when we let our guard down. You cannot set boundaries if you know you will be willing to keep to them. When you set boundaries, let them be clear, both to yourself and to others just so you are not tempted to overstep them. These boundaries can be anything that prevents you from being vulnerable, and they can include little things like what not to do, who not to be with and where not to go. This will really help you protect your energy and sanity.
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