7 Phrases Men Says If They Are Seriously Interested In You

Men usually hold back and are not direct like the females, behind every man’s voice is his emotion running in background. How smart are you as a lady to decipher the real intent of his statement.

This post will guide you in decoding the real content of his statement.

If He Is Interested In You, You Will Hear Him Tell You These:

1. “You Did Impressive!”

Many a times, we make use of a light word that also means the same for the bold words we could have used- -we do this so as to conceal our thoughts, yet we find a way to express it. A guy would say to his dream girl ‘You did impressive’ instead of ‘I love how you do your things’. This is what their heart really says, but their mouth make it a soft-work to conceal their admiration from you.

2.”I’ve Got This!”

Men will protect the one they love and feel responsible to help and clear her mess. So often you hear him say to you “I’ve got this- -nothing to worry about!” He does not want you to suffer because he is attracted to you and your woes become his.
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