9 Things That Make An Introvert Happy

9 Things That Make An Introvert Happy

Space And Attention

When you have an introvert for a friend, you must understand that you should not be so far away and at the same time, not be too clingy. They value their privacy and independence, and at the same would love to know that there is someone there for them. This creates a balance in their lives that cannot be matched by any gift you give them.

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Silence That Speaks Volumes

Introverts are not that hard to please. Infact with clear understanding, they are the easiest people to relate with. An introvert needs somebody who loves silence and is comfortable with it. Silence with an introvert means knowing you are there with them, but not interfering with their thoughts or actions.

9 Things That Make An Introvert Happy


When you treat an introvert like they have a problem or a social disorder, they tend to withdraw even further from people and lock themselves in their own world. Introverts are born the way they are, and do not need anyone telling them to go out more or talk to people more. When they are accepted the way they are, they will blossom in all they do.

9 Things That Make An Introvert Happy
9 Things That Make An Introvert Happy
9 Things That Make An Introvert Happy
9 Things That Make An Introvert Happy
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