9 Ways To Own Your Shadow Before It Owns You

We all know and believe that our shadow is that dark reflection caused or created when we come close to a light source. While this type is shadow is harmless, the actual shadow that we are talking about is the other type of shadow. This other type of shadow is your own dark side. We all have a good and bad side to us. We all have pristine and devious sides to our personalities, and the shadow refers to those devious sides.

If left unchecked, this shadow can control our lives, taking over our psychological well being, basically owning us. When this happens, you become a slave to your own anger, hatred and bad side. Here are 7 ways to prevent this from happening.


You do not just switch over to the dark side or give in to terrible and negative thoughts about yourself or others. There is always a trigger or a cause. You feel a certain way or react a certain way when you come in contact with those triggers. The triggers can be physical, emotional, psychological or even mental. Identifying those triggers simply means repairing whatever relationship you have with it. Once you have identified these triggers, the next thing to do would be to reflect on what you can do about it or even stay away from it.


On several occasions, serious problems are avoided by simply talking to the right people. We all see things from a different perspective and sometimes, we may be blind to some things. Talking to the right people will help us see things from their own point of view and they will also open our eyes to those things we missed. The people you can talk to include your genuine friends, your family and basically anyone who truly cares about you and have your best interest at heart. These people will tell you all you need to know about the dark side of you that you may not be able to see yourself, and also help you control them.

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