Deep Insightful Quotes By Keanu Reeves About Love and Life

#1. The Simple Act Of Paying Attention Can Take You A Long Way

#2. Falling In Love And Having A Relationship Are Two Different Things

#3. If You Can Make A Woman Laugh, You Are Seeing The Most Beautiful On God’s Earth

#4. It’s Fun To Be Hopelessly In Love. It’s Dangerous But It’s Fun

#5. Grief Changes Shape, But It Never Ends

#6. The Person Holding Me Back From My Happiness Is Me

#7. I Was Raised To Treat People Exactly How I Would Love To Be Treated By Others. It’s Called Respect

#8. When You Truly Understand Karma, Then You Realize That You Are Responsible For Every Thing In Your Life. It Is Incredibly Empowering To Know That Your Future Is In Your Hands.

#9. Art Is About Trying To Find The Good In People And Making The World A More Compassionate Place.

#10. In My Quiet, I Was Working Something Out


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