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Here's The One Thing Men Love More Than Making Out, But Won’t Tell You

A lot of people believe that men lovemaking out more than anything. This makes it almost impossible for women to believe that there is something else a man would love more. However, recent researches have proven that there is actually one thing that a man would choose over making out anytime.

While some men would probably bite their tongue before they would open their mouth to admit to what they deems as a weakness, some men actually want their women to know the truth about what they really want. On the other hand, some women would find it funny and surprising when they discover the truth. Which brings us to the question. What is this thing they love more than making out?


The whole truth is that men really want the skin-to-skin touch of feminine acceptance and approval. It all lies in the pinky power. The feeling that comes when a woman lightly brushes the edge of her pinky finger against any part of the man’s body, and at the same time, offers a word or expression of support, love and care, is the greatest feeling a man can feel, and that is what they want more than making out.


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