Mabel Makun yells.. I have NEVER done a single SURGERY all my life (video)


Mabel Makun about an hour ago posted a video of herself showing her full shape on Instagram and says it’s time for her to put an end to the rumours of her going through the knife,

According to AY’s wife, no surgeon on earth can come out to say they actually took care of her, and warned she is 100percent a product of God and so, people should respect that.

Yea ignore the 13:03:2020 date, we are already in April, she made a mistake, lol. Her words;

13:03:2020 No surgeon and i repeat No Surgeon in the world can come out to say that they have touched my body. Reason I am doing this is because this talk about my body and surgery has been on for some years now but I chose to ignore. Some years back I had to delete pictures,videos and comments so some people can leave my body alone and be at peace with themselves. Even God knows that I have been patient enough . Some of you should not tempt God because I am a product of his handwork,beautiful and perfectly made. I do not have anything against cosmetic surgery. I said it before and I will say it over and over again,if in the future I decide that I want to do anything to my body,I will do it with PRIDE.

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