Nurse who fears she may die from coronavirus has written her will and she’s got this to say to the world


A nurse who fears she may die from coronavirus has written her will.

A young nurse on the Covid-19 frontline has told how she has written her will because she fears she could die from coronavirus.

Kate O’Flaherty said she has told her boyfriend where to find it if she was to fall ill.

The 21-year-old made the stark confession as a reminder to people moaning about being in lockdown.

She said: “If you’re finding it hard to put yourself in the shoes of healthcare workers right now.

“I’ll try my best to paint you a picture – I wrote my will the other day.

“I stashed it away in my room and told my boyfriend where it is in case anything happens to me on the frontline. I am 21.”

The healthcare worker must wait until after lockdown for two witness signatures – which will validate the document.

It comes after Farewill offered free wills – which normally cost £90 – to NHS workers after a spike in visits to its website.

Kate deemed it “ridiculous how nurses are just expected to sacrifice their lives for the greater good” and for “close to minimum wage”.

“It’s a terrifying time for us all, where even the most experienced of us are learning something new.

“This time last year, nurses were on strike to no avail. This year, we are being deemed heroes.”

Anxious Kate, of Dublin, seemed humble as she spoke on behalf of the nurses: “We don’t want you to call us your heroes.

“We don’t want you to clap for us on your doorstep.

“We want you to fight with us, to ensure that nurses, student nurses, carers and anyone else in a nursing profession gets the treatment and the pay that they deserve.

“We need everyone to pull together, we need everyone to fight for the nurse in their lives.”

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