The Impact Of Branding And Celebrity Endorsement On Generic Product

Branding is giving a product or service a particular image; it is a marketing strategy

The aim of branding is to convince and influence the customers that their products is considerably different from others in the market

1. To Have a Market Face Value

Branding and celebrity endorsement on generic products is a market strategy to provide a unique covering to a particular product so that it is different from the products of their competitors- creating a niche. Products are easily recognized and identified easily because of branding and celebrity endorsement. The followers of the celeb that endorsed the product would want to identify with the product too, as a result of their fondness for the celebrity.

2. To Establish Trust & Relationship With Their Consumer And The Potential Ones.

Branding and celebrity endorsement on generic products is needed to develop trust and loyalty among the customers for the product and followers of the celebrity used to endorse the product.
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