What Is High Functioning Anxiety Disorder? Signs, Effects And How To Deal With It

This is probably the first time you are hearing this, and to be fair and honest, it sounds like a grave medical illness. However, there is no need to be worried. High functioning anxiety disorder is not a medical illness or condition, it is merely a term used to describe emotions and feelings that someone feels.

High functioning anxiety disorder is simply an expression to describe someone who has high levels of anxiety. It is often described as a good thing because it will motivate you to do what you are supposed to do. But when your anxiety levels are spiking so high so it affects your everyday life and normal activities, it could no longer be regarded as normal anxiety, but as a high functioning anxiety disorder.


People who have high functioning anxiety disorder experience symptoms such as restlessness. Among all other symptoms, sleeplessness and restlessness are some of the most common symptoms. Other signs and symptoms include insomnia, constant irritation, Tension in muscles, etc. note that these symptoms do not just develop over time, but can build over a period of months. However, if you experience these signs among others, then you should seek help immediately. Read more on page 2, Use the link below


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