Your Answers To ‘what You Can Offer Her In A Relationship’

Relationship as a state of connectedness between people (especially an emotional connection) comes with some responsibilities to undertake. People are in relationship because there is a mission and vision in view. Healthy love relationship is mostly symbiotic- the very essence it is called a ‘relationship.’

Both guy and lady has a crucial role to play in making the relationship become their ‘dream marriage’. Inputs from both parties is nucleus that keeps the relationship alive. This article will only address the roles of man to her lady in their love relationship.

A lady has expectations; she looks up to you for some crucial things in your relationship with him (just like you also expect few things from her as well). Remember, both of you are at an emotional stalemate.

There are silent cry in relationship, she would have liked to open up and tell you many things (what she expects from you), but she is afraid lest you tag her ‘too demanding.’ She feels disappointed and hurt within, she might start resenting you and eventually give you up for another guy who will never fall short to discharge his emotional duties to her.
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