Zodiac Signs Ranked From The Least Sexy To The Sexiest

All humans are naturally sexual beings. We think about it, from time to time, some more than others. But the major thing is the fact that we all have the urge which comes up sometimes. Some signs are more sexually inclined than others, and this list explores that fact. Below are the zodiac signs ranked from the least sexy to the sexiest.


Found at the top of the least and ultimately the least sexy, Aquarius can go on for a long time without any sexual encounter or even the though of it. This does not mean they do not like anything relating to being intimate, it simply means they have a low sex drive. However when they do get down, they make sure it is worth the time.


Sex is actually important for Pisces, however, they do not place too much importance to it. They have been known for their penchant for daydreams and fantasies, and this takes most of their time. When Pisces gets intimate, they bring their imagination and fantasies to play, and this makes the whole experience mind blowing.

Zodiac Signs Ranked From The Least Sexy To The Sexiest


One would imagine that Gemini would be as nasty as they appear. They talk a lot of sexual and dirty talk to make people believe that they are all about that. On the contrary, when it comes to the real deal, it’s a bit disappointing to discover that Gemini may be all talk and less action. However, with their willingness to learn something new and explore, they can finally turn out to be really great.
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