11 Love Resolutions For The Single Woman

Life as a single woman does not mean you have the worst life experience there is. In several cases, being single gives you the chance to rediscover yourself and find out what works for you, in preparation for your next relationship. As a single woman, there are certain steps and actions you should take to make sure you do not see yourself as a lonely person, instead, as a strong, confident woman. Below are 10 love resolutions for the single woman.


We all had that list as young girls. Growing up, we had an idea of the kind of man we wanted to end up with. As we got older, we realize that the list is not at all important. The important thing is that you get to find a man that understands and respects you, and one you share a deep connection with. Unless you want to remain single for the rest of your life, it is probably time to say goodbye to that ridiculous list.


Have you ever thought of the reason why you are still single, even when you have everything it takes to get and keep him? It could be because you have shut up your mind to some kind of man. Truth be told, no woman wants to end up with a man who is not worth it, but it is difficult, almost impossible to find that perfect man. If you are bit more open and responsive, you may be able to find someone who has most of what you seek.


If you are single, now is the better time to put in a lot of work on yourself to come out better. This is because you will have no one to worry about, and you have all the time and freedom you want. Learn a new skill, try out that cooking skill, exercise more, etc. All these and more are some of the things you can do to make yourself better. Read page 2 for more tips


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