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12 Archangels and their Connection With Each Zodiac Sign - From Aries, Leo to Pisces

We are all influenced, directly or indirectly by our stars. It says a lot about our personalities and can speak for us even when we are not there. As there are different zodiac signs, so are there different people and personalities. 

Various astrologers and authors have combined the theory of astrology with angelology. This has brought to our knowledge, the traits shared by the archangels in relation to the zodiac signs. Here are 12 archangels and their connection with the zodiac signs.



The archangel Ariel is the angel in charge of nature. This angel is connected with healing and restoring the beauty and benefits of nature. If you seek to build or establish a relationship or connection with mother nature, the archangel Ariel is your go to source.



The archangel Chamuel is the angel responsible for bringing inner peace. This archangel provides guidance to those who are lost, and also inner peace to those who are going through rough times and depressing moments. When you feel lost, call on the archangel Chamuel for help. Read page 2 for more Archangels and their connection


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