17 Morning Rituals That Can Change Your Life

The state of your mind in the early hours of the morning can determine how your entire day will turn out. This is why it is important that your mental, physical and psychological health should be at its peak during the morning hours, it will, directly and indirectly, influence your mood and productivity for the whole day. 

Your habits or rituals in the mornings also play a part in your general work output and eventually, your life in total. Below are 11 rituals or habits that will change your life for the better, by kick-starting your day on a high note.


The secret to getting things done effectively is doing them in the very early hours of the morning. You have enough time, space and no distractions from any angle. The peace and tranquillity of the early morning is soothing for the mind and this helps with effective execution of tasks. If you form the habit of waking up earlier in the morning to get stuff done, you will find that it makes your whole work easier, and leaves you feeling great throughout the day.


Without a higher force, there is hardly anything we can get done. Realizing this and putting God first every morning before anything else will give you a sense of fulfilment that you can never get anywhere else. Praying and handing everything over to God will fill you with enough confidence and courage to take anything that comes your way head-on.  Read page 2 for more Morning Rituals 


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