5 Signs You Are Dating A Selfish Person

5 Signs You Are Dating A Selfish Person

It’s a good thing that almost everyone wants to get involved in a relationship that can possibly lead to marriage. Sadly though, not everyone is good enough for a relationship. There are several toxic, narcissistic and selfish people out there, which is why we need to be very careful before going into a relationship with anyone. 

Being in a relationship with these kind of people is very harmful and detrimental to us. Because of this we should be on the look out for signs that will tell you someone is selfish so you can stay away from them. These signs include the following


You are both in the relationship together, but for some reason, you can’t shake the feeling that it’s all about them instead. They are always concerned about themselves and not you. They bother so much about how this or that will affect them, how this will look on their image, how they will react to this etc. They do not place much value on your decisions, ideas, inputs or even wellbeing, unless it is to their benefit. If you find yourself involved with someone like this, it would be wise to let go before it is too late. Read page 2 for more signs


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