6 Best Steps To Take When You Feel Overwhelmed

Situations and daily activities can make us feel overwhelmed with emotions. People can get so overwhelmed that they lose focus and coordination. In most cases, people cannot tell when they are overwhelmed and they continue with their lives as if nothing is wrong. 

Being overwhelmed can lead to serious issues and problems, most of them mental, which is why it is important to spot the signs of feeling overwhelmed and handle it immediately. Below are 6 action steps to take when you feel overwhelmed.


As mentioned earlier, a lot of people cannot tell when they feel overwhelmed. The truth is, nothing ever happens without the signs being noticed. Even the most dangerous illnesses that seem to come out of nowhere can never come up without a sign. Same with feeling overwhelmed. It may be very subtle, but they are definitely there. 

For some people, it could be instant like increase in breath rate or heartbeat, and for others, the signs can linger over time in form of loss of appetite or weight, social withdrawal etc. If you cannot spot the signs yourself, speak to your doctor for help. The sooner you recognize the signs, the easier it will be to get help. Read page 2 for more Steps 


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