6 Signs You Are Dating A Rebounder

Being in a relationship is a wonderful thing, especially if you are in it with a person who truly cares about you and loves you deeply. But what if your relationship is not as true as you thought it would be? What if you are in a relationship with a rebounder? How can you tell? Before you start picking up the signs of a rebound relationship, you must first find out what it is.


Everyone gets that sick, sad and depressed feeling you get when you have just been through a breakup. You may be tempted to get rid of that pain by getting involved in another relationship almost immediately after the first one, in the hopes of finding relief from the pain they are going through. While this may be beneficial to one party, what about the other? What if you get into a relationship with someone and they have no idea it is a rebound relationship and end up getting hurt in the long run. 

Basically, this whole things means that a rebound relationship is like a soothing balm for broken hearts in relationships. It is not as serious as a real relationship but it should be a mutual knowledge and understanding between the two parties. Otherwise, the whole cycle of heartbreak begins again. Having known what rebound relationship truly means, here are 5 signs that you are in a rebound relationship.


This is not to say that sex in a relationship is not ok, the problem there is how often it happens. Let’s not forget that a rebound relationship is one meant for distraction and taking the mind away from the pain of the past relationship. So a new relationship where the new partner is hardly interested in anything else except sex is suspicious enough. It could be that they are simply using you as a distraction to get their mind away from their previous relationship, and at the same time, trying to avoid any deep emotional connection with you. Read Page 2 for more Signs

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