6 Warning Signs You Are Dealing With An Evil Person

6 Warning Signs You Are Dealing With An Evil Person

There are evil people everywhere. In our neighbourhood, in our schools, in our workplace and even in the church. But is it really fair or nice to say someone is evil? 

What are the traits or attributes that make someone an evil person? While this may differ according to the different opinion of people, one thing, however, will be certain. Evil people are people who carry out or engage in wicked acts or practices for the intention of causing pain and anguish to others. 

They do this for several reasons, some for fun, some as a means of revenge and some do it believing that they are helping you. How can you know when you are up against an evil person. 

There are different obvious signs that will tell you that, below are six warning signs that you’re dealing with an evil person.
6 Warning Signs You Are Dealing With An Evil Person


Let’s face it, everyone lies. Everyone has told a lie at some point in their lives. But not everyone is a liar. There is a clear difference between lying and being a liar. Lying maybe a couple of times, probably to avoid embarrassment, humiliation or even avert a certain disaster. But a liar is someone who lies everytime. It is very hard to tell when they are being honest because they even lie without knowing. 
6 Warning Signs You Are Dealing With An Evil Person
Liars are so accustomed to telling lies that they even start to believe their own lies and may even live with it. Evil people are liars, and it does not matter where they find themselves in, they will simply lie again, and without regret. They lie to save their own skin, they lie to get what they want, they lie to please others and they lie just for the fun of it. Read page 2 for more warning signs


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