9 Hidden Relationship Deal Breakers You Need To know

Hearing the phrase “relationship deal breaker “ makes you wonder if the idea of relationships seems like some kind of deal. The things is, a relationship is far from some kind of arrangement or deal between two people. This makes us wonder what it means when we say deal breaker. Simply put, a relationship deal breaker are those acts or actions that cause or contribute to the end of a relationship. Some of our actions can cause us problems in our relationship and this is what is referred to as deal breakers. 

Below are 9 of these actions.


This is without a doubt, the most common relationship deal breaker ever. When you are in a relationship with someone, there is really no need to go outsourcing for whatever it is you could want, unless you are in an open relationship. Cheating on your partner is enough to make them call of the entire relationship because of the feeling of betrayal they feel.


While this may seem like such a trivial issue, but consistent lying can eventually turn out to be a relationship deal breaker. When you are known by your partner to always lie, it is difficult for trust to exist between you two, and gradually, this eats away at what your partner feels for you, until a split becomes inevitable. Read more and know the rest of the deal breakers in page 2


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