9 Reasons Why People Withdraw In Relationships

Being in the right relationship can make you feel like the luckiest person on earth. This happens on the occasion that you both have what it takes to make each other happy, and that you are willing to do whatever you can to ensure your partner is happy as well. While a relationship may start off really smooth and almost like a fairytale, it may not seem to continue that way over time. 

This is probably due to one of the partner withdrawing emotionally from the relationship. Most people wonder why their partners seem emotionally distant after some time. Because of this, we bring to your knowledge, 7 reasons why people withdraw in relationships.


A lot of people walk around with baggage in their hearts and in their lives, most of them untreated. This emotional baggage, when present can prevent or inhibit someone from committing fully to a relationship. Because they have not been able to find relief from the emotional trauma they have been through, they remain haunted by it, and will always be emotionally distant from their partner until those issues are resolved. Read page 2 for more reasons people withdraw from the relationship


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