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Do you Often Wake Up Between 3 am to 5 am? Here is what it means

At different points in our lives, we have woken up in the middle of the night. While some people may go back to sleep almost immediately afterwards, some may not be so lucky and can stay awake for hours before they finally go back to sleep. 

Different reasons are responsible for us waking up at different hours in the middle of the night. For some people, it is to use the bathroom, for some others, it is to get something to eat or drink. Some people wake up because they have had a bad dream or nightmare, while some others just wake for no reason.

Waking up in the middle of the night is not really an issue. The problem however, lies in the time you wake up and how frequently you do. If you are constantly waking up around 3am to 5am, then it may not be just as normal as you might think. Here’s why?


Ideally, these periods are the times when one can get the best sleep moments. But waking up daily at these odd hours should be enough to get your interest piqued. It does not mean you have a spiritual problem as some people may think. Read page 2 for the full information 


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