Here's How to Read Auras Color And The Meaning of Each Color

Every living thing emits energy from their bodies. Although these energies cannot be seen, they are often picked up by people with special abilities. These energies emitted from living things are often in the form of vibrations and colors. Due to the different energies emitted from people with different personalities, these auras come off in different colors. 

While it is common for people to have one distinct color and another or more shades of color in their aura, it is rare for someone to have just one color in their aura. Here are different aura colors and what they mean.


One of the most powerful colors to ever exist, red is a very strong color. Depending on the person them self, a red aura can be either positive or negative. Anyone who has a red aura is a strong, passionate individual. There are different shades that closely resemble the red, and are often associated with it. 

There is the bright red aura which means the individual bearing it is very sexual, passionate and energetic. The dark or deep red on the other hand means the bearer is strongly rooted to the earth. They are very courageous and brave people. On the negative side there is the clouded red aura, which means the bearer is filled with resentment. They do not let go of anger so easily.

There are other colors like the pink aura, which is associated with the red aura. The normal pink colored aura means the person is appreciative, especially of the little things and finer things of life. The dark pink however is not very good, as it means that the bearer is not an honest person. It is associated with deceit and dishonesty. Read page 2 for more Aura Colour and their meaning 


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