Summer 2020 Will Have Negative Effects On These 3 Signs

The summer will be here, soon.

Below are the three Zodiac signs that would be affected the most by the negative energies if Summer 2020: Read on to discover!


(June 22 - July 22)

You will be rich in emotion as there will be constant 'emotion-shift', the temperature of your emotion will rise, so well as a result of unpleasant and unforeseen situations.

However, if you can maximise this new turn in your life, several discoveries about yourself that would bring you many great leaps. A new world will dawn on you, just remember not to be receptive to changes coming your path, embrace them and experience a great turn-around.

2. LEO

(July 23 - August 22)

Summer 2020 will bring to light your flaws/mistakes, people will at this time, voice out their displeasures about you.

This only will cause you to think more in directing your energies to what matter. They illuminate your heart, and give you room for developments all round. It will be a busy time space for you, really. Flexibility and adaptation is required of you, to maximise the season.
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