The 6 Commandments Of Vulnerable Communication

Communication is one of the very vital or important things required for a relationship to work. When you share good communication with your partner, there is hardly anything that can cause problems between you both. Although disagreements are inevitable, but with good communication, you both can sort things out. This brings us to the question, how can partners communicate effectively? 

One thing to understand is that it involves you both, and not just one person alone. It also involves being able to come to an understanding together and working things out with little to minimal issue. Below are 6 very important commandments of vulnerable communication.


As said earlier, this applies to you both. Transparency is vital for a good relationship. Come clean about everything and leave no secrets. You should leave anything hidden and try as much as possible to address every issue that concerns you both. However, you must do so with the other person in mind. Being totally honest with each other is a great step for effective communication.


Yes we know you are not the only one in the relationship, but you are also part of it. There’s a saying that you can never truly love someone else if you don’t love yourself first. You must understand that your own happiness, your own mental state, your own emotions are important too. If you always choose to help the other party first, it will always come down to you being at the bottom. This is not a right to be selfish, but take care of yourself first before others.
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