7 Signs A Man Is Trying To Hide His Deepest Emotions By Acting Like A Jerk

All over the world, men have been seen as a strong, dominant personality. They have been wired and raised to be the protector of their family and female friends, partners and even families. Because of this, a show of emotion is not seen as a show of strength for men. This does not mean they do not feel things like others do, they are just not used to showing it. So how can you tell when a man is being emotional? Below are 7 signs that a man is being emotional and loving but is trying to hide it.


Instead of letting you know how he is feeling by talking about it like the woman does, a man would instead, shut himself away from everyone else including you. He will make it seem like he does not care by not wanting to talk about anything. Opening up and talking about it will make them feel weak and less of a man.


Normally, you have known him to be mindful of what he says and does around you and in public too, but all of a sudden, he’s not bothered about what he’s doing. Before you crucify him with your remark on how disappointed you are, try to find out why he’s acting that way. His actions could be a reaction to how he’s feeling. He could be hurt or going through some kind of pain you don’t know about. Read page 2 below for the full article


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