Gay toyboy who inherited £150K from his dead 81-year old lover hits back at claims he's a gold digger

The Romanian toyboy accused of being a "leech" after inheriting £150k from his 81-year-old husband's will has insisted "I'm no gold digger".

Florin Marin, 27, hit back at the family of ex-vicar Philip Clements - who say he was just after money when he married a man 55 years his senior.

Philip died alone in a Romanian hospital, with Florin now getting a hefty life insurance payout and £10,000 to pay for his funeral.

His furious family dubbed his young husband a "gold digger", saying he "got what he always wanted".

But Florin told the Sun Online he "deserved" the money, adding: 
"I'm not a gold digger. Who doesn't like money?
"We can't live in this world if we don't have money, but doesn't mean you are a gold digger.
"It doesn't mean if you marry an older guy you are a gold digger. I was in love with Philip.
"Sometimes the people said 'age gap' and all this stuff, no. It doesn't matter.
"It was a very beautiful relationship because Philip was an amazing man who loved me and did everything for me.
"We had problems in the past but everyone has that. I will have a space in my heart for ever."

Philip's brother, retired Royal Mail driver Tony Clements, spoke to Florin for the first time on after the 27-year-old called him to let him know he had died.

The 71-year-old said: 
“He’s a gold digger. Jeremy Kyle said it to him when they went on his show and he said 'no, no’. But he is.
“Why would a chap his age be interested in an 81-year-old man?
“I don’t think Florin loved him.”

Philip and Florin had made headlines with their love affair when they met on Grindr five years ago - with the couple insisting the relationship was real.

They even appeared on the Jeremy Kyle show to declare their love despite Florin's clubbing ways.

But the relationship put a strain on Philip's family - with his brothers fearing elderly man, who was once a parish priest in Eastry, near Sandwich, was being taken advantage of by the model 55 years his junior.

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