Hundreds of s.e.x offenders vanish from police records after changing their names

Hundreds of convicted s.e.x offenders have slipped off the police's radar simply by changing their names.

Figures obtained from just 16 of the UK's 46 police forces showed that 913 people with s.e.x offense convictions have gone missing.

It is believed that many of these people have changed their names and then not told the police, which is an offence.

The Safeguarding Alliance found that 1,349 other offenders have changed their name via deed poll and then told the police.

Around half of the police forces in the UK could not provide data on name changes when asked via Freedom of Information requests, suggesting the figure is significantly higher, Sky News reports.

Members of the public are less able to do a check into someone's history if they are going by another identity.

Convicted s.e.x offenders have also been found to have changed their name before repeating their original offence.

Terry Price changed his name five times over the course of five decades, Sky News reports.

He was found guilty of a string of s.e.x crimes during the same period, including the r*pe of a six-year-old girl.

When the girl - Della Wright, now 47 - recently reported the crimes, she found Price had changed his name to Robert McEwan.

Ms Wright has questioned how many jobs with children the s.e.x criminal may have been allowed to have since changing his name.

"We don't know but we know he's a prolific offender," she told Sky News.

"It makes me really angry and it shouldn't be possible.

"This person has been through the system not once but countless times - and even as recently as 2016 he was allowed to change his name again whilst in prison."

Emily Konstantas, from the Safeguarding Alliance, said that changing one's name allows a person to get a new passport and driving licence.

The Alliance asked the Disclosure and Baring Service (DBS) how they guard against people changing their names.

The DBS said that it did not do background checks into whether applicants had changed their names

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