August 2020: The Effects Of The Powerful Cosmic Energies

Welcome to August 2020, a recompense month for all troubles that have come with the early months in calendar year 2020!

A chance to rebuild is in for you, the Sun will square up with Uranus on the 3rd of August. You will become better and stronger after you must have been shaken. Your hide-out will no longer be safe to you, so there will be many times that you need to endure.

Things To Be When Cosmic Event Unfolds

When the Sun squares Uranus, Full Moon will appear in Aquarius. There will be energies that give resplendence and vigor for all. Failing confidence will be restored and you will get ready for things to come. Even so, there will be more spiritual activities when Lionsgate Portal is activated. After the Sun must have squared up with Uranus, it (the Sun) will then move to Leo and places itself with Sirius and Earth. The time frame for this to happen is 4th of August till 10th of the same month. Clouds will gather upon making decisions, it is just another chance for change.

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