Scientists say men can tell when a woman is in the mood for s.e.x by the natural smell of her armpits

A Kent University study showed men can detect how armpit aromas change when ladies are in the mood.

The smell of these s.e.x hormones can turn on men and crate sexual chemistry.

To test this theory, female participants ditched deodorant and placed cotton pads under their armpits.

They were then given an article about knitting to read and a short film about bridge-building to watch.

After this boring session, the pads were removed from beneath the women’s armpits and given to the men to sniff.

The 24 male students were asked to reveal whether the scent was stimulating to them or not.

Then a week later, the second phase of the experiment was carried out.

This time, ladies put their armpit pads back on and read erotic excerpts from 50 Shades of Grey.

And instead of watching a film about bridge-building, they binged on s.e.x scenes instead.

Results revealed that men found the scents more arousing after women were given erotic material.

Researchers concluded: “Our findings provide evidence that humans can signal and process the smell of s.e.xual arousal.

“They are among the first to show women’s arousal leads to the release of a distinctive scent that increases men’s s.e.xual motivation.

“Men evaluate the sweat of s.e.xually aroused females as more attractive than their non-sexual sweat.”

The findings were published in the Archives of S.e.xual Behaviour.

Previous research have shown how women can give off attractive aromas during their most fertile times of the month.

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