Thug forced man to remote graveyard then stabbed and killed him

A thug forced a young man to go to a remote cemetery, before stabbing him and leaving him for dead.

Daniel Spong, 26, made his 24-year-old victim meet him at a pub to apologise for causing his sister 'distress' before driving him to Toft's Hill cemetery, Stathern, in the Vale of Belvoir.

After plunging a knife into the victim, Spong chillingly announced: "If you die from this you deserve it."

Leicester Crown Court was told the defenceless 24-year-old was left lying in a pool of blood at night.

Despite a lacerated liver, he managed to stagger down a hill searching for help, until he encountered a couple who alerted the emergency sercies.

The victim, who also bled into his chest cavity, underwent an operation and has been left with ongoing medical difficulties and psychological trauma.

The court heard that Spong also carried out a smoke grenade attack at a house in an unconnected incident, for which he was also sentenced, Leicestershire Live reports

Philip Gibbs, prosecuting, said Spong had learnt that the victim had caused 'distress' to his sister and he messaged a friend saying the man was "dead."

He then spent days tracking him down, sending repeated messages and making 17 phone calls.

They eventually met at a pub in Melton, to discuss the matter.

The victim agreed to accompany Spong, and a man who was with him, on a car journey to apologise to the defendant's sister for whatever problem he had caused previous week.

He was the taken on a daunting 15 minute journey in Spong's car to the isolated cemetery in Stathern at 8pm on Friday March 13, where he feared something terrible was going to happen.

When they arrived, Spong's associate punched the man to the ground and stamped on him.

The defendant was "clearly in charge" and told his friend to return to the car, said Mr Gibbs.

Spong told the victim: "There's no way out for you now."

The prosecutor said: "He produced a five-inch long knife, bent down and stabbed him once in the stomach."

Spong said it was in retaliation for "violating" his sister and added: "If you die you deserve it."

The victim's phone rang and the defendant took it from him before driving off.

However, Spong dropped his own mobile, recovered at the scene by the police who found his incriminating text messages.

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