I killed my wife and child after I found out that she’s been cheating on me for long – Evangelist Chukwuemeka Obijofa


I killed my wife and child after I found out that she’s been cheating on me for long – Evangelist Chukwuemeka Obijofa

 Chukwuemeka Obijofa, a 28-year-old man who claimed to be an ordained evangelist has explained why he killed his wife and 4-year- old son with a shovel in Ofufe Nza village in Ekwusigo Local Government Area of Anambra State.


Upon being paraded before newsmen on Saturday February 6 at the Police headquarters in Amawbia, together with other suspects, the suspect confessed to killing his wife and son after he found out that she’s been cheating on him for long. 


Obijofa said; 


“I opened my eyes in the police station and found out that I’m responsible for killing my wife and my son. I killed her out of anger after I found out that she’s been cheating on me for long. I didn’t believe it because of the level of love and trust I have for her.

“I came back from work and found out that the food they have was not enough for them. I stepped out to collect money from a client so I can get something for them.

“But when I came back later, I discovered she wasn’t alone at home. She was with two men that I don’t know. When I tried to enquire who they were, she asked me to keep quiet that she would explain later. She later took me to the room for explanations.

“Before I could come out, the guys have left without informing us. I became angrier. My wife was trying to calm me down but I couldn’t bear it due to the level of love and trust I have for her.”


Also recounting how he lived peacefully with his late wife for five years, the suspect said the Indian hemp he took shortly after to pacify his anger, triggered it instead. 


Obijofa added;


“As I was about to leave, I told her that I’m leaving the house for her and her boyfriends who she’s preferred and more comfortable with.

“I went straight to where I took some hemp to calm myself and feel relieved. But unexpectedly, I found out that the hemp even made it worse that I lost my conscience. I couldn’t behave like a human being again.

“It became obvious to me that another demon or extraordinary spirit has possessed me. Besides, nobody was around to control me. I didn’t know what else that happened till I opened my eyes to find out that I’ve killed my wife. 

“I was ordained in 2012 as an evangelist. If I pray, it comes to pass. But when I began to fall out from God’s mercy, my pastor warned me that a day is coming when I’ll face the consequences. He said his God didn’t want me to pay the supreme price.

“But I couldn’t believe it until today I’m giving this message to those it has not happened to. Please, whatever government declared contraband, especially hard drugs, please steer clear from them. It has a way of impacting another spirit in you.”

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  1. I doubt anyone believes his claim that it was only after he took the hemp is when he lost control and came to the conclusion he was going to kill his wife and child. Unless he mixed something with his hemp there is no way it made him commit this horrible crime, he is just trying to use it as an excuse to get out of taking responsibility for what he did by using a "temporary insanity" defense.

  2. What a tragedy. This man's insecurity compelled him to murder his wife and child and he's trying out every excuse in the book to try to evade accountability.
    The plain truth is; there is no excuse. Nothing he could imagine or recount would justify these heinous, merciless, inhuman acts of savage cruelty. Murdering his wife was an egregiously evil act that has likely caused countless people who knew her, to suffer a gut-wrenching, inconsolable grief. Ending the life of his 4 year-old child… no words that I'm aware of could ever even begin to describe the magnitude of cowardice and debaucherous evil that led to him making that decision – and a decision it was. It wasn't because of hash, demons or any other outside influence. It was because of him and him alone. To end the life of a child robs all of humanity of the potential that one, irreplaceable and unique soul could've accomplished had his life been as long as it should've been. This man has forfeited his freedom for the duration that each of his victims would've otherwise lived. Lock him up and throw away the key.

  3. Funny she may not have cheated on him, it might have been something important that was being discussed because no woman in their right mind will bring their boyfriends home when they know they husband just stepped out to get thing s and would return almost immediately, he may have just been to stupid and short termpered to listen to her speak. Some evangelist he is.

  4. First of all its kinda hard to believe that this guy can even lift that shovel . So he knew he acted out he said it was the hemp . So we have a evangelist that woke up and he is using hemp as his excuse. I dont care what you took i dont care how many sanchos your wife had. You killed a boy and even more He wasnt your son to begin with . That is a child of God! You cant blame it on a demon or spirit or a entity it was all you and if you want some justification. Lets break this b/s down. Ok pastor. So God you serve. Created all the plants hemp than he called you to be a evangelist he blesses you with a child and wife. And after you smoked what God made a demon or spirit made you kill them? Wow is that the will of ALMIGHTY GOD?! And because you seen two guys out there and didnt have enough balls to confront them on your own you just blame everything on your wife and honestly pastor do you really think she was letting two guys pound her with your child there?. And say if she was getting pounded good for her cause your a piece of shit. You wasted two perfect people and replaced them with your bullshit . And there is no demon or spirit. The weed didnt call spirits it was you plain and simple. So who can we blame now pastor. Too much nimple ? Not enough nipple? Its bullshit evangekillest



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