Cardi B Claps Back after she’s called out for thanking God in a video


Cardi B Claps Back after she's called out for thanking God in a video

 Cardi B has reacted after she was told that it’s disrespectful for someone with her lifestyle to be calling on God’s name.


The rapper shared a video where she expressed her thanks to God for the blood of His son and a man responded, telling her that it’s “disrespectful” for her to be calling on God because her way of life goes against God.


He said Cardi B is thanking God for things the devil gave to her. He added that she raps about fornication yet she’s calling on God and on the blood of His son.


Cardi B reacts after she


Cardi hit back, asking if she won’t even be allowed to thank God. She added that her faith in God is too strong for the critics.


Below is the video and her reaction to being called out for thanking God.



Cardi B reacts after she

Cardi B reacts after she

Cardi B reacts after she

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