I am not Alaafin of Oyo’s new wife: Woman debunks viral news


I am not Alaafin of Oyo’s new wife: Woman debunks viral news

A woman has debunked the viral news that she is Alaafin of Oyo’s newest wife, Chioma.

A look at the photos that went viral and a photo of this lady would have settled the scores.

Some news platforms also reported that the Oba;s new wife was previously married USING THESE PHOTOS.

The Chioma dragged in the viral story has now come out to set the records straight.

A Twitter post by Omalicha Adamma identified her as Chioma Nwadike.

And she trashed the news she was the Chioma that abandoned her husband to marry Alaafin Adeyemi.

Her post;

My name is Chioma Nwadike, yesterday, being the 12th day of march 2021, my attention was drawn to online media posts making rounds of my “marriage” allegedly to the Alaafin of Oyo as his 13th wife.

Recall that about a day or two ago the news that the Alaafin had allegedly taken a 13th wife whose name happened to be Chioma was on social media, which news I read as well.

It is rather pathetic that yesterday the 12th day of March 2021, I discovered that my photos were attached to the marriage news of the Alaafin and has since been heavily publicized by blogs and news pages across various social media platforms.

I trended wrongly on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as I was taken out to be a person who left her husband to be the Alaafin’s 13th wife. These false posts are all over the Internet and have amassed an unquantifiable number of views by Nigerians, including my friends& family

It is rather unfathomable as to why I am being singled out to be diminished in the eyes of Nigerians even whilst still going through the emotional and painful rigors of an extremely messy divorce proceeding, which is still pending in court and wherein my estranged husband and his Lawyers have applied every dilatory tactic to stall the conclusion of the case for reasons I wouldn’t want to state now.

Regrettably, these false and rather demeaning publications have now perturbed and created an unnecessarily traumatic environment amongst my family, friends and colleagues who found it very hard to harbor the believe that I purportedly jilted my estranged husband in order to marry the Alaafin of Oyo.

To all those who have worked tirelessly since yesterday to help debunk this unfounded news making waves in the social media space in whatever way they can, I am eternally grateful for believing in me and protecting my vulnerabilities as a Nigerian woman who is prone to ridicule and shame to the highest bidders. I am consulting with my Lawyers, who will, in due course, commence appropriate legal actions.

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