Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery Before and After

Frances Bean  Cobain Plastic Surgery Before and After

Daughter to the famous Kurt Cobain of the cult classic band, Nirvana, and the single punk, rock, and grudge singer, Courtney Love, was born the newest rock star on the scene, Frances Bean Cobain. Trying to follow in her parents’ footsteps, Frances has pursued a life in music and an art-related lifestyle. Sadly, it has not been as successful as she had planned it out to be in her original plan. However, there is one aspect that people have been thinking and talking about on a regular basis, and we promise you it isn’t her music or modelling career.

No, what everyone is raving on about it her plastic surgeries. Yes, this modern-day bombshell has been accused of having multiple facial reconstruction surgeries. And when you take a peep at her original pictures from the age of 18 compared to now, you are bound to see some striking differences in the face. Her face has been easily diagnosed with plastic surgery because it is the only logical explanation for how significant the changes in her facial construction is.

These surgeries include, but are not limited to, a nose job (rhinoplasty), chin implants (the most obvious of all the surgeries), mild lip injections, breast augmentation, and Botox injections. As Frances Bean is rather close-lipped and close to the chest about her personal life, there is no confirmation about these surgeries. However, we are confident along with many other media sources, that these surgeries have in fact taken place.

Frances Bean  Cobain Plastic Surgery Before and After


Before the surgeries under the knife, Frances Bean was known for having a smaller face that was surrounded by a larger and fuller face of fatter, plumper cheeks, chins, and forehead space. Many fans were content and happy with her facial features; however, the fans of her parent’s work were much more critical. Claiming that Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love were 1980 beauty icons, many malicious fans spoke about their discontent with Frances Bean Cobain’s facial features over many sources of social media—including Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Although we are unsure if these factors made a difference in Frances Bean Cobain’s official decision to have these facial reconstruction surgeries; but, we are sure that she did in fact see them. However, in her music and art-related works, Frances Bean is known for advocating for individuality and grabbing what it is you want. So, we speculate that she pursued plastic surgery for her own self securing reasons

 Frances Bean Cobain’s face was much plumper in shape despite not being chunky due to fats and a bad diet; however, now it is much more v lined and streamed to fit snuggly around her face instead of engulfing it in the middle of it.

Her face is now more of an oval shape in comparison to her previous squared off face shape. This is due to the pulling back and reshaping of the chin structure as a whole, the shaving of the skull’s lower chin bones, and then the insertion of small shin shapers as proper implants. This leaves her chin to be seen as much more pointed than rounded in facial shape. Making her face much more compatible with today’s makeup and hair trends.

The plumping effect of the lips is a trait passed down to her by Courtney Love. That along with a colourful dark lip shade, Francis Bean has always had larger than life lips. She could give Kylie Jenner a run for her money with all of the lip that is big, beautiful, and natural.

However, that was apparently enough because in later 2016 fans and critics began to notice an added fullness to her bottom and top lips regarding their shape and roundness

Due to her lips already being rather plump, there is really no way of knowing if this is a true fact or just speculation, but we can see that there is some kind of noticeable change to behold in the pictures of comparison. What do you think?

Frances Bean  Cobain Plastic Surgery Before and After

Frances Bean Cobain has always been a girl with a smaller boob size. Often quiet in the Rockstar world, and she rocks them in a beautiful way. However, there is speculation that Frances Bean has not had breast implants, but instead augmentation to the shape and lift of her breasts.

In later photos in 2016 and 2017, the shape of her breasts has been noticed to be seen as higher on her chest and more stiff rather than buoyant. They lay flat on her chest and then start a curve, rather than naturally having a bit of sag and curvature that can be graphed with a natural curve finder. Perhaps this could be the result of breast augmentation surgery or breast relocation plastic surgeries. Either way, she’s been looking good despite the accusations going her way.

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Frances Bean Cobain is swiftly becoming a constructive example for body augmentation as an option for body change. This is not the stemmed reasoning for her surgeries we are sure, but it is one she has displayed positively to girls and women through the media. She is an inspiration to how plastic surgery can be done properly and successfully. We find her transformation to be rather unbelievable, but also incredibly inspiring for those women who want to have plastic surgery without being judged or criticized harshly.

The question now remains as to if this decision has helped or harmed her career overall? She has obviously gained some traction in the media for the surgeries, both good and bad. The surgeries have been said to be positive changes about herself in terms of personality, clothing style, and makeup/hair. But is this a good thing or a disappointment to her faithful fan base?

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