"Transgender people are intrinsically disgusting to me" - Czech President Milos Zeman

"Transgender people are intrinsically disgusting to me" - Czech President Milos Zeman

Milos Zeman, the president of Czech Republic has called transgender people "disgusting" in a new interview.

Speaking to Prima News on Sunday, during a discussion of a controversial new law in Hungary that bans all educational materials and programs for children that are considered to promote homosexuality, gender reassignment and the concept of sexuality deviating from the one assigned to a person at birth.

After the controversial bill was passed, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen last week denounced the bill as "clearly" discriminatory, saying "it goes against all the values, the fundamental values of the European Union, and this is human dignity, it is equality, and is the human fundamental rights."

The new law has been fiercely criticized by other members of the European Union, but Zeman has defended Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban saying interference in internal affairs of any EU member country is a gross political mistake.

"I do not see a reason not to agree with him," Zeman said.

"I can understand gays, lesbians and so on. But do you know who I do not understand at all? These transgender people."

"They are intrinsically disgusting to me."

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Zeman's comments come as several cities around the world celebrated with parades and marches aimed at gaining visibility for the LGBTQ community.

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  1. I used to view it as disgusting , but now it's just become an awkward feeling around those that are CLEARLY MEN , with Adams Apples, thinning weird hair when they grow it out. You can see firstly, clearly, that these are MEN! I can see clearly, and firstly without a doubt when it's a WOMAN ! To these women and men please, please do your RESEARCH!
    You will find that over 70-% of transgender ppl regret the sexual reassignment surgery! You will find many documentaries off trans ppl really reaching out to tell you don't take it that far! Also , you can always stop the hormones and find ways to get your first true self back! Here's why I feel so uncomfortable, because I'm made to, you can feel their unsureity when dealing with them. You can tell that very ugly men who couldn't get a woman turn themselves into a woman , to become a lesbian woman . You can sense the reasons!!!! I always say "bye guys" , at the shop down the street and I can tell it upsets the new trans woman working there even though it's a regularly used term!!!
    Not only that all the documentation over ppl regretting it so much 15-20 years down the road. Don't do the sexual reassignment. And pretty , beautiful girls with pretty boyish features , short hair , please stay lesbian women !!! I dunno what it is but I think it's ok for women to be lesbian . Men seem to be sexually selfish , and I've been attracted to women . IDK , please if you will , talk to me , debate and discuss with me , change my mind and help me to understand!!! Thank you so much in advance and I'm sorry for offending anybody. I apologise to the offended .

    1. I say, you say, we all say - what we want. That's a humans right, regardless of if you are a man, woman, or anywhere in between. If you are denied the right to say whatever you want, then you are no better than in a concentration camp - or in a third world country which will execute you for voicing something against the tyranny you live in.

      Don't ever change who you are, what you want to say, or how you feel. It's not your fault if the boy, girl, boy-girl, or girl-boy can't handle you.

  2. If they're 'intrinsically disgusting to him', then that's his right to feel that way.

    If there are people butt hurt about that, too bad.

    Someone want's to argue about his feelings on the matter, too bad - it's not going to , nor should it - change them.

    Somewhere down the line, people started to think - changing the minds of our youth to accept alternative lifestyles was ok, however teaching against it is an offense. There is something tragic about this mentality, because lifestyles and sexuality and sexual preferences were always 'suppose' to be private decisions people make for themselves. Not slapping someone in the face with accusations of prejudice just because they don't agree.


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DISCLAIMER: Comments Posted here do not reflect the opinions of EsB TV or any of our employee

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