Woman hangs herself and daughter, 14, after leaving suicide note for husband to find

Woman hangs herself and daughter, 14, after leaving suicide note for husband to find

A mum left a suicide note for her husband then hanged her 14-year-old daughter before killing herself.

Mariolina Nigrelli, 40, and her daughter Alessandra Mollica were found dead on May 31 in their country home in Sicily, southern Italy, by the teens' father.

The mum also left a note on the kitchen table which read: "I'm taking Alessandra away with me, I'm sorry I ask for forgiveness."

According to local media, when the father, Maurizio Mollica, had last spoken to his wife a day before, they had disputes over their daughter's education.

Mariolina Nigrelli, 40, Alessandra Mollica, 14, and her father Maurizio Mollica also 40

He told La Republicca:
"Yesterday afternoon, shortly after seven, my wife did not answer the phone. I was worried.

"I looked for them everywhere in the village, then I went to our country house. And there I found myself in front of the tragedy."

The well-known blacksmith had found his wife and teenage daughter's lifeless bodies and immediately called the authorities.

He cried as he told investigators that the marriage was strained and the arguments in their relationship had made it very tense.

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Maurizio also claims that his daughter, Alessandra, had problems with other kids at school and her mum had become increasingly concerned about her welfare. As a result, Mariolina would sometimes get into arguments with other parents at the school.

An autopsy is still to be carried out on the bodies however investigators believe the cause of death was murder-suicide but the investigation is still ongoing.

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