Actress Iyabo Ojo speaks as elderly man grants interview calling her a prostitute and saying she will “suffer and die” for “tarnishing” Baba Ijesha’s image (video)


Iyabo Ojo speaks as elderly man grants interview calling her a prostitute and saying she will "suffer and die" for "tarnishing" Baba Ijesha's image (video)

Iyabo Ojo has reacted to a tasteless video of an elderly man defending Baba Ijesha while tarnishing her image and wishing death on her for standing for the girl child.

Iyabo Ojo has been quite vocal in her call for justice for comedienne Princess’ underage foster daughter who was seen in CCTV footage being sexually molested by Yoruba actor, Baba Ijesha.

Because of her call for justice for the child, Iyabo has received both praise and death threats. She has also been vilified and called a prostitute by many trying to silence her.

In a recent interview, an elderly man is seen cursing Iyabo Ojo.

The man claimed Iyabo is a prostitute who “has done lots of things with men” and “has slept with so many men”. He added that she is “selling toto (private part)” from Lagos to Abuja.

He alleged that Iyabo is insisting that Baba Ijesha must face justice “because Baba Ijesha did not settle her and the other woman (Princess) very well, that is why they used that one to tarnish his name.”

He added that God will tarnish Iyabo’s image and that she will “suffer and die”.

When told that Iyabo Ojo was fighting for a good cause, the elderly man blamed Iyabo for the abuse of the child by stating that Iyabo taught the child to be promiscuous.

He said: “If she doesn’t do all those wrong thing in the presence of that lady, the young girl will…”

Iyabo Ojo has now reacted to the interview.

She fingered Baba Ijesha and his chief supporter, Yoruba actor Yomi Fabiyi, as having something to do with the death threats on her life.

She told both men and also the women “plotting and trying all manner of evil” to bring her down that they will not succeed.

She added that no one can kill her unless God says so.

Comedienne Princess also reacted, apologising to Iyabo that she has to suffer for standing up for her foster daughter.

Watch the video below.


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