Royal expert reveals Queen's 'secret pact' with Prince Philip if one of them dies before the other

Royal expert reveals Queen's 'secret pact' with Prince Philip if one of them dies before the other

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip made a secret pact with each other on how to cope when the other one died and the Queen has been quietly fulfilling this pact, a royal expert has revealed.

Princess Diana's friend Richard Kay said they had "often discussed" how they live on without each other.

Commenting on her majesty's "remarkable" good spirits at the G7 summit, just three months after the Duke of Edinburgh passed away aged 99, Richard Kay said: "The two had often discussed how each would cope without the other at their side, and it boiled down to this: whoever was left should mourn, but not for too long, then enjoy what remained of their life."

Writing in the Daily Mail, he noted how only 11 weeks have passed since Queen Elizabeth was pictured looking vulnerable sitting alone in her pew for her husband's funeral at St George's Chapel.

Yet her appearance at the G7 summit was "remarkable" as she smiled and asked world leaders during a photoshoot: "Are you supposed to be enjoying yourselves?", the columnist wrote.

Richard Kay, who also praised how she shared "banter" with Boris Johnson about then Health Secretary Matt Hancock, said: "The subtext was clear: even if they weren't, she certainly was.

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"And her observation went a long way to show that she had emerged from her period of mourning and was ready to participate fully in the affairs of the kingdom."

He wrote: "The smiles we saw in Cornwall have been replicated on every public appearance since. From that intimate, scaled-down Trooping the Colour ceremony at Windsor Castle to finally making it on to the racetrack for the last day of Royal Ascot."

She is said to miss Prince Philip "dreadfully" but she was prepared for his passing.

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