Afghan mum hands baby over barbed wire to American soldier for evacuation (video)


Afghan mum hands baby over barbed wire to American soldier for evacuation (video)

A heartbreaking footage of an Afghan mum handing her baby over a barbed wire to an American soldier for evacuation, has been shared online.

It was learnt that the woman handed over her baby to the American soldier, to free the child from Taliban rule.

Thousands are trying to leave Afghanistan via the city’s airport, Hamid Karzai International, and foreign embassies including the UK and US, have set up evacuation centres. Afghans eligible for evacuation will be airlifted away.

According to Reuters, a total of 12 people have been killed in and around Kabul’s airport since the Taliban took control of the capital on Sunday. An unnamed Taliban official said the deaths were caused either by stampedes or by gun shots in the area.

Watch the video below…………

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