Afghan police chief who fought Taliban is blindfolded and shot dead by Taliban (Graphic video)


Afghan police chief who fought Taliban is blindfolded and shot dead by Taliban (Graphic video)

Shocking footage has emerged showing an Afghan police chief blindfolded and on his knees, moments before being executed by Taliban militants.

The video circulated online appears to show General Haji Mullah Achakzai handcuffed while two men who are reportedly militants have a discussion in the background.

see image here

As the police chief awaits his fate, a man approaches with a gun and shoots him, then he lies motionless.

The police chief, who is in his 60s, and former commander for Badghis Province is thought to have been detained by the Taliban after they took over the area near the Turkmenistan border.

In just over a week, the Islamist militant group has managed to take over Afghanistan, and it is now said to be going door-to-door hunting for collaborators of the ousted regime.

General Haji Mullah Achakzai was a sworn enemy of the Taliban and had fought them for many years .

The video comes after the Taliban insisted there would be ‘no revenge’ against former adversaries, as the group goes on the charm offensive to give itself an air of legitimacy.

Reports say the governor and police chief of Laghman Province, near Jalalabad, eastern Afghanistan have also been detained.

Watch the video below.

Afghan Police chief Killed by Taliban….— ???????? ???? ?????????? ????? (@oDW7utnv2gNnUKv) August 19, 2021

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