Chinese police arrest Pop star, Kris Wu after rape allegations and seducing young women into having sex,

Chinese police arrest Pop star, Kris Wu after rape allegations

Chinese-Canadian pop star, Kris Wu has been arrested and detained by Chinese police on suspicion of rape after he allegedly "repeatedly seducing young women into having sex," The police have said in a statement.

The case against Wu, 30, whose real name is Wu Yifan started after allegations emerged last month on Weibo, a Chinese social media platform.

A woman posting under the verified handle "Du Meizhu" alleged she was sexually assaulted when she was a student at the Communication University of China in Beijing.

According to the alleged victim, she was 17 at the time of the alleged assault.
The allegations gained more publicity after she was interviewed by, a major Chinese news platform.

After the allegations came out last month, Wu, who was born in southern China but is a Canadian citizen, denied the allegations on his personal Weibo account.

Wu's company announced it was pursuing legal action against his accuser, calling the accusations "malicious rumors."
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China's top law enforcement agency, the ruling Communist Party's Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission, commented on Wu's detention on Sunday, posting on Weibo, "On Chinese land, it is necessary to abide by Chinese laws. We do not wrong; we do not indulge. We take facts as the basis and the law as the criterion."

Fashion brand, Louis Vuitton, in reaction, has suspended its contract with the pop star.
"Louis Vuitton takes the recent accusations concerning Mr. Kris Wu very seriously and as such suspends its collaboration with the artist until the investigation is concluded,"

Wu is one of the biggest music stars in China. On his Weibo page he has more than 51 million followers.

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