Girl gets head stuck in ceiling after suffering freak accident

Girl gets head stuck in ceiling after suffering freak accident

A girl's head became stuck in the ceiling after she suffered a freak accident in China.

The accident took place when the curious child found a hole on the ground in the first floor living room inside their house in Puding County, Guizhou province, China, on Friday, August 27.

The 8-inch-wide hole was cut for vent installation of an extraction fan that was due to be installed between two floors.

But the girl put her head into the hole before she realised she had become stuck.

Firefighters had to be called to the house where they found a "scary" head covered in long hair hanging upside down in the ceiling.

Video shows one firefighter trying to push the girl's head while the others are holding her upside down on the first floor.

They initially use pliers to expand the opening but are unsuccessful. Then they apply vegetable oil on the girl's head and finally free the girl.

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Commander Yang Hao of the Puding division at Anshun Fire Rescue told local media that the girl had became stuck in the hole for an hour before they received reports from the family.

The team spent around 40 minutes to free the girl, who was then taken to a hospital for a detailed checkup.

She was not injured, her parents confirmed.

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