Hostages used as human shields on top of cars in Brazil bank robbery (photos/video)

Hostages used as human shields on top of cars in Brazil bank robbery (photos/video)

A terrifying armed robbery attack in the early hours of Monday August 30 in Brazil, saw at least 10 hostages being tied to the hoods of getaway cars.

The victims were used as shields through the streets of Aracatuba as every bank was reportedly raided.

Shots and explosions were heard throughout the city in the central state of Sao Paulo after early reports suggested that a heavily armed gang of at least 50 criminals attacked Military Police barracks before targeting the banks.

It was alleged that an officer and one of the robbers were injured in the attack, and images and videos filmed from neighbouring buildings show hostages on the roofs of cars as they’re driven around the city.

After the shooting came to an end at 1.50am, local time, videos showed vehicles speeding off to a rural neighbourhood outside the city.

It is believed the hostages that were tied to the hoods were later released, even though some of them cuts all over their arms and hands.

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