Missing student, 24, found dead in woods two days after vanishing in wake of her miscarriage and struggles with lockdown

Missing student, 24, found dead in woods two days after vanishing in wake of her miscarriage and struggles with lockdown

A student who went missing after suffering series of tragedies including a recent miscarriage and the brutal death of her father, has been found dead.

Zantanna Hall, 24, was found dead in woodland area around Mortal Ash Hill, near Scunthorpe, after being missing for two days last month.

Her family has revealed she went missing for two days after struggling with 'difficult lockdown restrictions', before her body was recovered from the woods.

Her partner Brandan explained: 'Everyone supported her but she often felt on her own. With lockdown restrictions, it was difficult for her.'

It was revealed that the young social care student had already suffered several tragedies in her short life, including a miscarriage in February and the violent death of her father when she was a child.

Zantanna had met partner Brendan, 23, seven years ago when the pair started working in Scunthorpe. The couple were expecting their first child together after Zantanna fell pregnant at Christmas time, but she sadly suffered a miscarriage in February.

Brendan said: 'She had mountains to climb after all the tragedies in her life. But we loved going out eating and for rides on our bikes and we both loved travel.

'Often we went to Tattershall Lakes, London and had a great time in Turkey. It was always impulsive. We just saw a place and went,' he said.

She was due to graduate in social care at Lincoln University later this year. Her mother Sharon said she will receive the degree in her memory.

Zantanna's father, Andy Hall, was brutally killed in September 2004 after being struck with a heavy piece of wood outside of his home. She was just seven-years-old at the time.
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Her grandmother, Camille Searby had died from a brain tumour in 2017 after being cared for by Zantanna.

Her mother, Sharon, commented: 'We were always best friends. We enjoyed our holidays.

'She had lots of friends from Frederick Gough School and spent most of her time with cousins Crystal and Kiara. She enjoyed horse riding too.'

'She was such a loving and giving soul. Nothing was too much and if anyone was feeling upset she would always be there to put her arm around them,' Sharon added.

She added: 'I am so lucky to have had such a beautiful and amazing daughter for 24 years.'

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