Newborn baby died after parents took him out of the hospital against medical advice

A two-day-old baby died after his parents discharged him against medical advice because his mum had a phobia for hospitals.

Edward Boundy-Hill was born four weeks premature at home before being taken to hospital for checks in September 2019.

His parents, Zoe Boundy, 29, and dad Jamie Hill were advised to keep him in hospital but decided to leave due to Zoe’s phobia of hospitals – a condition known as Nosocomephobia.

An inquest into the child's death has now heard that doctors warned her not to leave the hospital but both mum and baby were ‘seemingly well’ and ‘there were no grounds for involvement from police or social services’ regarding them leaving.

But within a few hours of arriving home to Bargoed, Gwent, the couple quickly noticed problems with Edward’s feeding.

Two midwives came to assist her at home but we're not worried by the situation, Gwent Coroner’s Court heard.

Less than an hour after the second visit by the midwives, Edward became lethargic and when his mum tried to bathe him his body became still.

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Paramedics attended the house and attempted resuscitation but he was declared dead at Prince Charles Hospital in Merthyr Tydfil in September 2019.

Paediatric pathologists Dr Andrew Bamber said there were signs of possible fluid inhalation and traces of cannabis in Edward’s blood but no evidence that either would have caused his death.

The court heard how the probable medical cause of death was registered as unascertained

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