Student allegedly killed by roommate barely 24 hours after burying his mother


Student allegedly killed by roommate barely 24 hours after burying his mother

A student of University of Uyo identified simply as Ubong has allegedly been killed by his roommate barely 24 hours after burying his mother.

Facebook user, Daniel Etokidem said the deceased was killed on Saturday August 7, after burying his mother on Friday August 6. Ubong was reportedly stabbed from the back after an argument ensued between him and his roommate.

Ubong’s roommate is said to be currently detained at Barracks Road Police Station in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state capital.

Etokidem wrote;

Ubong, what manner of death?

How can you bury your Mum yesterday (Friday) and today (Saturday) you’re stabbed to death by your roommate? Less than 24hrs after you struggled to bury your Mum?

Ubong is a simple, easy going, hardworking, humble and God fearing young man. I knew him through my Electrician, Kennedy. If I needed someone to help clean the compound, Ubong will do that efficiently and will be done with it in less than an hour.

This morning, I was inside the town campus of the University of Uyo, Uniuyo, when a friend who was with me pointed to a young lady crying desperately and walking towards the University gate. What could make a young lady cry this way inside the University environment on a Saturday morning? We both pondered.

Less than 10 minutes, my phone rang? It was my electrician friend, Kennedy. “Hello Sir. Sir Ubong is dead oh! Ubong is dead oh just like that”, the call ended.

Confused and a bit disoriented, I called back. “Kennedy which Ubong? Is it your boy who just buried his Mum yesterday”, I asked. Yes, he replied. How? What happened? Was he sick? I asked. No Sir, he replied. He just had a minor argument with his roommate he lived together at Idak Okpo Street and within seconds, the roommate took a knife and stabbed him from the back. He lost a lot of blood and we rushed him to the University Clinic where he died”. His body is at University of Uyo Clinic, town campus.

“Hold on Kennedy, I don’t understand”. I’m inside the University and infact I’m not too far from the Clinic and moments ago, I saw a young girl crying, walking towards the gate”, I asked. “Yes Sir, that’s his Cousin. We just left to call a photographer to take some pictures of Ubong’s corpse before we take him to the mortuary”, he replied.

So where is this his “roommate” who stabbed him to death, I asked. “He is currently being detained at Barracks Road Police Station”, he replied with emotions and agonizing tears overshadowing his voice.

Till this very moment, I’m yet to recover from this news and still can’t understand what anger, provocation, or quarrel will make a roommate pick up a knife and stab to death his fellow roommate who just buried his Mother barely 24 hrs ago.

I pray the Police will help unravel more of what we don’t know but it’s hard to say Rest in Peace Ubong. I still can’t understand what just happened. Ubong, dead? Just like that? Someone who just buried his Mother yesterday? I wish it was a nightmare.

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